The use of “Excuse Me”

“Excuse me.”

What happened to these two little words? I feel like they have disappeared from our language. There are still some people that use them, however, most don’t even say them at all. People just push past you, stand in front of you, or wait angrily behind you and then say something rude and inappropriate as they pass.

I say this because in the store yesterday a man, in his 60s was standing waiting for his wife. I asked if he was waiting for one of the lines. He shook his head ‘No’ so I stepped up to the line. Then this man, stepped into the line next to me and pushed me in the back. Yes, pushed me so he could get past to the checkout station. Now, I’m sorry but-really??? I was polite to you, I was courteous and there was no reason for the pushiness. What makes people think that they are above all others to be so rude and discourteous? I didn’t say anything, but I am appalled at how the use of two little words has diminished from our society. Is everyone in such a rush that they can’t take a little time to say these words out loud? Are people that disrespectful of others that values have become lost?

If there was a little more respect for one another maybe more people would have a smile on their face, or be thankful, or even have a better all around day. Be patient and courteous. I know- I’m asking a lot. I’m not June Cleaver and saying we need to live in Leave it to Beaverland, but we should show each other respect.

Ok, I will step off of my soapbox now. “Excuse me for my ranting.”

Enjoy your day!


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