Today it’s all about the birds

Today is one of those days. It isn’t overly warm outside, it is overcast and yet the birds are as happy as can be. I’ve often wondered what is it that they chirp about all day long. Do they have a specific language (I am sure there is some biological reason) like we do that makes them able to interact all day? If there is, then my backyard is the call center for the entire valley of the bird species in this area. From the time the sun begins to show color in the East to the time the sun has gone down the birds are constantly communicating in the trees in my yard.

Don’t get me wrong. I am definitely not complaining. It is a far better melody to listen to than a dog whining for its owner at 1 in the morning to let them back into the house, only for the dog to find after 20 minutes of soulful howling that the owner has fled for the weekend leaving it behind. Or a mother scream at their young child once again because they aren’t paying attention to what the child is doing (this is a whole other topic in itself). I’d rather hear the birds conversing with one another. It just amazes me that they can carry on such strings of communication for periods of time and humans- well, we seem to have issues stringing words together to even have a conversation.

I guess it is just nice to sit back in a chair, close my eyes and listen to their chirping, their banter and hear in the faint distance a train whistle.

Maybe it’s me and maybe it’s just something about spring weather.


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