Road to recovery, part 1

When they say you can’t. Then you have to.’ ~ Nike

It has been a day of blue bonnets, hospital gowns, and IV’s. Fortunately the surgery went well and I am on my way to recovering. Having had two prior knee surgeries this one felt like a piece of cake. The pain one never really gets accustomed to.

As for getting back up and out there on the road… It will take time, much like anything in life. Hard work and determination will get me there. I’ve learned over time that you can’t let anyone tell you that you ‘can’t’ do it. You always can- if you believe in yourself. You have to have drive and be persistent. Stubborn even. I intend to be up and mobile in a couple days, walking without crutches and walking at least around the block by the end of the week. Ambitious? Stubborn? Crazy? No, just determined. I’m not letting an injury sideline me. Just like I won’t let life’s setback sideline me.

If you want something bad enough, go out and get it. It is your life. Live it.

My run is in 160 days. I’ll be ready because I have to be. I’m determined.


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