Friends- who are they really?

No one is every too busy are they? Lives get in the way but we are never too busy to spend a minute or two with a friend. Unless of course we aren’t really friends at all. I’ve often thought about the meaning of the word friend. According to the Oxford Dictionary it means ‘a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relation. ‘

Hmmmm…. Not what we all think of when we say friend. At least the later part of the term. Then again there are Friends with Benefits (there was a whole movie surrounding the concept). Still we use the term ‘friend’ so casually. Some even go as far as to use the term ‘Best Friend’ or ‘Bestie’ very casually. So according to the dictionary definition what exactly is this type of friend? Can it be defined? I know, maybe this is off in left field somewhere. Maybe even over the fence, but it is used rather freely. So it leads me to ask the question, when you have a friend who says they’ll keep in touch and call but doesn’t, what kind of a friend is that? A flake.

There are then those who say they are friends and then talk about you behind your back as if you will never find out. You smile and pretend everything is fine but know that they are really just ‘Frenemies’. You never trust these people. I wouldn’t even trust letting them borrow a pen. They might say you gave it to them and then when you wanted it back you stole it from them.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I have some wonderful people in my life whom I call friends that are truly great people. In fact one came over today and brought me lunch while we talked about all the fun stuff in our lives (thank you so much!). Another friend, walks with me each week, texts, talks on the phone and shoots the breeze around the fire pit; and another well… We can go to the movies, go shopping, have drinks, be critical or just listen because we know each other that well.

I guess what I’m saying is if someone means something to you, you’ll find time in your busy day to include them. Even if it is a simple ‘what’s up?’ Or ‘how’s it going old sport?’

…and make sure you steer clear of the Frenemies. You’ll know one when you see one.

‘The smallest things in life sometimes have the biggest impact on our lives.’


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