The outdoors I remember

My first memorable experience in nature was growing up in the beautiful natural environment of Lake Tahoe. There isn’t one moment in time that I can pinpoint and say ‘ah-ha, this is the first moment that I remember being outdoors and loving the smell of the forest’, because there have been so many.

Growing up we were always outside. We’d go to the beach in the summer, ride our bikes, play hide-n-seek in the woods, go hiking- no matter what we were always out and about doing something. We were kids after all and the parents seemed to shuffle us outside so they could get things done in the house or to get rid of us. Either way, I preferred to be outside. It gave me a better connection with the world around me. As I grew older, I’d love going down to the lake and watch the sun sink behind the mountain as the water lapped against the shore from a passing ski boat, smell the pine waft through the trees and hear the crackling of campfires from the nearby tourists. There was something about a mountain sunset compared to those you see on a daily basis in the city. The colors popped and were vividly more dynamic. Maybe because the air is cleaner and it doesn’t have all the pollutants to fight against. They was just a clear, crisp ‘awe inspiring’ end to the day.

The only unimpressive moments that I can remember would be the snow. Sorry if you love snow, but I am not fond of it. I have shoveled my fair share and could definitely do without it. I guess that is one reason why I live in the suburbs now. No snow just heat.



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That which defines you

What defines us is how well we rise after falling.

Life has its ups and downs. It is not flawless. As situations arise it is our inner strength that enables us to move forward.

Strength comes from experiences that we encounter. If we have endured pain, success, failure, happiness, grief, suffering, and joy they are all pieces that will define how we will rise. It is what makes up our inner strength.

When we fall, we can fall hard and scramble to pick up the pieces; or we can fall and get right back up. Everything depends on the strength you have to rise again. Life may throw stones at you, even boulders, but you are the only one who can overcome that which lies in your way.

Vroom, vroom- I’d travel via car

If you want to see what the country has to offer then travel by car- in America. I can’t say that for other countries as I have travelled to some but not many. I have travelled to almost all states within America though via automobile.

As a kid my parents took us on extended vacations across country. We were out of school, had homework packed in bags, suitcases in the back and activities in the seat between us. We were on the road stopping in small towns, experiencing landmarks and interesting sights along the way. Those were the days. Windows rolled down, different smells in the air, and all the sights that we saw were beneficial and memorable. We saw places such as the Meteor Crater, Grand Canyon, Smithsonian, Mount Vernon, a cheese factory, the Kentucky Rolling blue grass hills, Liberty Bell, just about everything a kid could imagine seeing we pretty much saw. I often thought that we were just a traveling family for a while. I wasn’t sure we were even going home as we stayed with family at times and in motels the rest of the time. After a few months we eventually made it back though and resumed life as we knew it in one location; but each summer we were off and traveling somewhere, even if it was just one state up or over.

There was one place I use to love stopping- Stuckey’s. Not sure how many are around anymore but they were different than an AM/PM. There was more to it and always a surprise for us kids as it gave us a chance to go souvenir shopping and to get a sugary snack. We waited anxiously for the next gas stop just to get out and go inside. It was almost as exciting as seeing a national monument. The little things that excite children. The memories.

Recently we took a trip with our son to tour a college. We packed up and set out for a week excursion to our destination. For us it was still very interesting as the scenery has changed over the years and The towns we stopped in have grown. He would have preferred a plane ride versus a road trip as he was on his cell phone or asleep, but when he was awake he enjoyed his surroundings and the stops we made.

There is something about being on the open road versus traveling by other modes. You have the freedom to stop and take in what is surrounding you when you want. You can’t do that with a train or a plane. They are destination driven and don’t stop until it is time. We chose to take our time, experience what we saw and enjoy our time together. Motor on however you choose, just enjoy it no matter what.





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Road to recovery, part 2

As you know I had knee surgery about a month ago. Just a little scope and scrape but there is still a recovery time as there is with any surgery. As I neared week two, I couldn’t take staying inside much longer so I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill. No harm done as I needed to get out and walk to move the knee a bit. I also attempted to work on some of the machines to strengthen the muscles around the knee. The doctors have said it looks good and I am well on my way to running again, but want me to take it S-L-O-W. Um….that isn’t really in my vocabulary but I am trying to take it as slow as I can since atrophy is not a friend and muscle is a much better companion.

Anyway, everything is going well. I went on a couple walks with my neighbor, walked a college campus with my family, and now, this week I am back to running. Yay! It may be on a treadmill to start, but it is running.

If you run you know how it feels to be back up and moving. The next step is the road. Our event is in 134 days and all there is now is training, focus, hard work, and determination ahead.

Comfort in the 20th or 21st? That is the question

The 21st century makes life easy. Life for many wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for a downloaded app, a cell phone, post to Instagram, or quick check on Facebook. However, the ‘me,me,me’ generation that will lead us into the future is the biggest worry. Do they have what it takes to lead us or will they be head down and too focused on their text messages to know what is happening around them?

Considering I have spent part of my life in the 20th and 21st century, as the majority of you have, I am comfortable living in the 21st, but prefer the slowness at times of the 20th. I feel that there are some things that were better before so much technology, however I understand forward movement and the need for innovation.

Life today is ever changing. Tomorrow is going to be different than today because the technology will surpass it. Will we as humans be able to keep up though? If we go back in time, say just 20-30 years and think about this…

– there were no cell phones
– everyone didn’t have a personal computer
– no wi-fi in every store you stepped foot into
– video games were big and clunky, not handheld items kids walk around stores in
– MTv was on with actual music videos. You didn’t have to go to YouTube to watch one
– credit card transactions were done in the store, not over the Internet
– there were no remote controls for the television to switch from channel 1-999
– there was Beta and VHS to record- no TiVO
– children played outside
– your degree meant something
– there were book stores (more than one)
– gas prices were reasonable
– a loaf of bread was affordable
– the media reported on news, not every little thing to get people worked up over
– a written postal letter meant something
– a key was used to open/ lock your car

…life was a bit simpler. We didn’t have to think about when the next late breaking news was going to come out regarding the next best thing in phones, computers, or video games. Life just happened.

So am I comfortable in the 21st century? Yes
Would I prefer a slower pace at times? Yes

The only way for me to do that is to unplug from the world.

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My view on Morals


We all have our own set of morals. Each does not copy another, for if it did we would not have the issues that we do in the world today. My values or morals are not the same as others and they shouldn’t be. They are my own.

I’m not one to be a follower. I like my world and how I choose to live it. If someone doesn’t like my view or my moral system-fair enough. They have their own system. I’m not here to impose my view on them. There are those in the world who think that it is ‘my way or the highway’, but it will get them nowhere in life except for maybe a dead end.

No, my morals are my own. Take it or leave it.

In response to Daily Prompt: Morality Play