What is good enough?

I’ve often thought what good enough might look like. We know that we aren’t perfect, that’s been established but when someone tells you that ‘you aren’t good enough ‘ or that ‘your play isn’t good enough’, the project ‘just isn’t good enough’, or your life really ‘could be better’ what the hell does that mean?

It has really bothered me for some time now to think that people who tell you this think they are superior to you. I mean who are they really to say that it isn’t good enough. They are just ordinary Joe’s like the rest of us plodding through this life day to day. They are by no means special. Yet, they feel that they can knock you down a notch by saying these things to you. I know, some may say ‘well it really is constructive criticism you shouldn’t take it ANY other way?’ Really??? After how many times is it constructive and after when do you start believing that anything will be ‘good enough’. Maybe it really is the person saying it that isn’t good enough.

The past several months there has been a switch around here. For years, 9 months out of the year my son has played baseball but this year he was tired of the bull, the politics and the ‘not good enough’ coaching attitude. We’ve taken him to camps in other states at universities and he is on mark to play at another level as he is a very good player with potential, but the coach- well he likes his ‘very best, elite, all-star, cream-of-the-crop, mr.baseball, parents are friends of the boosters’ kind of players. Not the players who can play at any position and will do anything for the sport. However, that is his failure, NOT my sons. My son instead went out for Tennis and made it to division play, which for only picking up a racket this year is OUTSTANDING. So this coach saw potential in him and feels that he has what it takes to be a better player and is still coaching him to that level of play. Fantastic. I couldn’t be happier and neither could my son.

So what do we do about all those recruiters who are emailing for our son about baseball? Yea. See he is still getting recruiters email him about coming out to their school, or to contact them about recruitments. We encourage him to continue play but because of a coach who didn’t believe in fundamentals and only believed in winning and popularity our son is turned off on picking up a bat. Our hope is one day he will play again, but tennis is his world now thanks to those who believe in him.

So is it ‘good enough’? Maybe we should ask the baseball coach, who didn’t make it beyond regular season.


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