Live for today

Redwoods, fresh air, sea salt…..ahhhhhh… Relaxation.

There is something about the smell of a forest that is reminiscent of time past. It takes you to another world where there are no traffic lights, no internet services, no disturbances- just a forest and a road.

Today on our adventure, even though I was only traveling on this road for a while when I had this experience, it was peaceful and reminded me of those simple years living at the lake.

Each day there are many influences that we all face, complications if you will. These complications we didn’t have when we were younger. Sure we may have had jobs and chores and screaming parents, but we didn’t have house payments, bills, children, marriages, divorces, and other outside influences that weighed in on our lives. We were young and free. So what happened?

I know the answer- Life. We grew up and moved on leaving our carefree selves behind. Do we have to though? Shouldn’t we still have fun? I don’t mean going out on the golf course and play a round of golf with the boys and smoke cigars after or going shopping with the girls; I mean REALLY have fun. Put the top down on a convertible, let loose, laugh, reenergize and live again. Feel and remember what it was like to be free.

It isn’t everyday that you are able to experience a day like I had today, but you should take time to enjoy life.

Would I have said this a year ago, no, probably not. Today, it is definitely something to do though. Life is short. Live for today.


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