My rainy day

This will be short as today is a celebration for me- its my birthday. So In response to the Daily Post, a perfect rainy afternoon is o e of two things.

1) a good book (even if you’ve read the book before because those are always the best kind), a warm cup of tea, a blanket and a comfy couch near the window to hear the pitter-patter of rain as it hits the ground outside. I usually watch the rain pool into small lakes near the trees and bushes and get back to my book as it is always fascinating.

2) a warm cup of tea, another comfy couch, a remote control and a movie. Gone With The Wind is usually a good movie as it will last for hours and you know the story line inside and out, but it depends on the rainy day. It could be a short chick-flick too just to give you enough brightness in the day (especially if it has been raining for a while).

So I am going to go and enjoy my birthday. Hope you all have a sunny day and not a rain filled afternoon. Stay dry!

In response to the Daily Post Daily Post: Singin’ in The Rain


7 thoughts on “My rainy day

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