The unwanted drama- Family

Drama, drama, drama.

Not the theatrical productions on broadway or the kind in movies either. I’m talking about the oh-so-wonderful family drama that never seems to end no matter how far removed you try to be from it all. There is always someone pushing their agenda on you. You can be strong, you can tell them you don’t want to hear their negative ramblings, you can even move halfway across country but it doesn’t matter. They feel their ‘drama’ has to be heard or that you did something to them that made them want to inflict unwanted torture on you. Well guess what, it is their baggage, their issue- not yours.

As you know, family drama can stem from a number of issues and it can carry on for years. In my own instance, I refer to it as ‘grudge today, grudge tomorrow’ because even if you try and resolve something it will always be held against you. There is no happy medium, always a negative. Can you say shorten your lifespan already. Ugh!

Now I have been traveling an uncertain highway of my own this year and its been a tough one. It has had its ups and downs and I’ve had to do a lot of self-reflection, healing, and perspective searching to be where I am today with a little help from certain people in my life. Thankfully the unwanted negative nellies removed themselves and haven’t been around. This has been a blessing for me to get through a lot of my own baggage and focus on the direction I needed to go. But guess what? They’re back and they are in full blame-game, drop-their-baggage battle armor mode. Really people?

I am in no way wanting to engage in their torture as it drains me and leaves me having to ‘refuel’ every time I see or hear them. I also do not see how every instance of my life should be a concern of theirs. I mean, should I call if I have to go to the bathroom? If they want to know something there is this magnificent invention called the telephone or better yet check social media. So why, why, why must you inflict your drama ridden blame on me? Oh yes, because you see it as me being the one and only person to have caused some issue. I want to scream!

Therefore, I ask…leave well enough alone or have a better outlook on life. Do people always have to cause issues? Why not let things go? I am through with all the whining and would like those who try and throw their baggage on my doorstep to collect it, take ownership and move along. The negativity train has left the station and you need to catch it because your drama isn’t wanted here.

So family drama is draining and I have ranted long enough. I need to go and refuel.


3 thoughts on “The unwanted drama- Family

  1. I see this was posted months ago but I have to thank you for making this post, I can certainly relate. Family drama has been draining the crap out of me. I was beginning to think I was alone. I have moved a few states away from my family and have encountered my own issues in life, yet I cant get away from them and theirs. Its depressing and I don’t want to bring any of my friends down by discussing it and venting to them but its truly sad. Somethings got to give!

    • I understand. We received exciting news today for my son but don’t want to reach out and share because of the negative backlash we’ll get once we do for their nonsense.

      I wish you the best and check back, I’m sure I’ll have more at some point. Hang in there.

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