It’s time to say farewell my friend Intensity

Dear Intensity:

We’ve had our good and bad days. More bad than good. You’ve caused some undue anxiety and overwhelming feelings that lately have been tied to emotions that shouldn’t be there. It doesn’t make sense to keep hurting each other like this any longer.

I am tired of trying to adapt because of frustration levels you have created for me and I need something much less stressful in my life. There are so many avenues that we can both take if we just let go of the past. Please understand I never meant to hurt you! I just can’t carry on this way. Yes, it will be difficult and we will need to do our best to limit communication, but after all the years of pain and suffering it will be for the best.

Please don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. I know that you will be fine as well once you find your one true match.



In response to the Daily Prompt Daily Prompt: Shape Up or Ship Out


3 thoughts on “It’s time to say farewell my friend Intensity

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