Just put it down people

Beep beep.
‘Watch out!’
‘Im gonna slam on my brakes and show that guy!’

People do not pay attention while driving anymore. Primary culprit- the cell phone.

Some states have laws which prohibit drivers from talking or texting while driving, however, drivers could care less about the law. Safety isn’t as important as hearing about their second bestie who just broke up with Billy Joe over his friday night poker game. Other states don’t have laws at all and the driver puts themselves and others at risk when they are not aware of their surroundings.

There have been several times today while driving on the freeways that we experienced these individuals. The best one by far was a girl talking on her phone and fluffing her hair in the mirror with the other hand. So who was driving? Her leg? The seatbelt? A ghost? It wasn’t a future car that will be able to drive itself, nope. It was a regular car and she wasn’t paying attention. I would have liked to hear the explanation to the officer on that one ‘…well you see officer, I was telling my girlfriend how my curls didn’t set right and I am just a hot mess right now, and…’ Save it honey. Just drive and pay attention. The conversation can wait until you stop.

I hope that if you must talk while you drive you are using a hands free device or your car is sophisticated enough to answer for you. Texting, talking and driving do not mix.

Keep the roads safe and put your device down. There are more people than you on the road who have somewhere to go. Be courteous and smart, if not, get off the roads.



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