Comfort in the 20th or 21st? That is the question

The 21st century makes life easy. Life for many wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for a downloaded app, a cell phone, post to Instagram, or quick check on Facebook. However, the ‘me,me,me’ generation that will lead us into the future is the biggest worry. Do they have what it takes to lead us or will they be head down and too focused on their text messages to know what is happening around them?

Considering I have spent part of my life in the 20th and 21st century, as the majority of you have, I am comfortable living in the 21st, but prefer the slowness at times of the 20th. I feel that there are some things that were better before so much technology, however I understand forward movement and the need for innovation.

Life today is ever changing. Tomorrow is going to be different than today because the technology will surpass it. Will we as humans be able to keep up though? If we go back in time, say just 20-30 years and think about this…

– there were no cell phones
– everyone didn’t have a personal computer
– no wi-fi in every store you stepped foot into
– video games were big and clunky, not handheld items kids walk around stores in
– MTv was on with actual music videos. You didn’t have to go to YouTube to watch one
– credit card transactions were done in the store, not over the Internet
– there were no remote controls for the television to switch from channel 1-999
– there was Beta and VHS to record- no TiVO
– children played outside
– your degree meant something
– there were book stores (more than one)
– gas prices were reasonable
– a loaf of bread was affordable
– the media reported on news, not every little thing to get people worked up over
– a written postal letter meant something
– a key was used to open/ lock your car

…life was a bit simpler. We didn’t have to think about when the next late breaking news was going to come out regarding the next best thing in phones, computers, or video games. Life just happened.

So am I comfortable in the 21st century? Yes
Would I prefer a slower pace at times? Yes

The only way for me to do that is to unplug from the world.

In response to the Daily Prompt: 21st Century Citizen


8 thoughts on “Comfort in the 20th or 21st? That is the question

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  5. Not sure. All I know is that I’ve been looking for a job for a year in my field and it is tough. Going back to get that PhD might be the solution.

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