Vroom, vroom- I’d travel via car

If you want to see what the country has to offer then travel by car- in America. I can’t say that for other countries as I have travelled to some but not many. I have travelled to almost all states within America though via automobile.

As a kid my parents took us on extended vacations across country. We were out of school, had homework packed in bags, suitcases in the back and activities in the seat between us. We were on the road stopping in small towns, experiencing landmarks and interesting sights along the way. Those were the days. Windows rolled down, different smells in the air, and all the sights that we saw were beneficial and memorable. We saw places such as the Meteor Crater, Grand Canyon, Smithsonian, Mount Vernon, a cheese factory, the Kentucky Rolling blue grass hills, Liberty Bell, just about everything a kid could imagine seeing we pretty much saw. I often thought that we were just a traveling family for a while. I wasn’t sure we were even going home as we stayed with family at times and in motels the rest of the time. After a few months we eventually made it back though and resumed life as we knew it in one location; but each summer we were off and traveling somewhere, even if it was just one state up or over.

There was one place I use to love stopping- Stuckey’s. Not sure how many are around anymore but they were different than an AM/PM. There was more to it and always a surprise for us kids as it gave us a chance to go souvenir shopping and to get a sugary snack. We waited anxiously for the next gas stop just to get out and go inside. It was almost as exciting as seeing a national monument. The little things that excite children. The memories.

Recently we took a trip with our son to tour a college. We packed up and set out for a week excursion to our destination. For us it was still very interesting as the scenery has changed over the years and The towns we stopped in have grown. He would have preferred a plane ride versus a road trip as he was on his cell phone or asleep, but when he was awake he enjoyed his surroundings and the stops we made.

There is something about being on the open road versus traveling by other modes. You have the freedom to stop and take in what is surrounding you when you want. You can’t do that with a train or a plane. They are destination driven and don’t stop until it is time. We chose to take our time, experience what we saw and enjoy our time together. Motor on however you choose, just enjoy it no matter what.





In response to the Daily Prompt: Trains, Planes and Automobiles


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