The outdoors I remember

My first memorable experience in nature was growing up in the beautiful natural environment of Lake Tahoe. There isn’t one moment in time that I can pinpoint and say ‘ah-ha, this is the first moment that I remember being outdoors and loving the smell of the forest’, because there have been so many.

Growing up we were always outside. We’d go to the beach in the summer, ride our bikes, play hide-n-seek in the woods, go hiking- no matter what we were always out and about doing something. We were kids after all and the parents seemed to shuffle us outside so they could get things done in the house or to get rid of us. Either way, I preferred to be outside. It gave me a better connection with the world around me. As I grew older, I’d love going down to the lake and watch the sun sink behind the mountain as the water lapped against the shore from a passing ski boat, smell the pine waft through the trees and hear the crackling of campfires from the nearby tourists. There was something about a mountain sunset compared to those you see on a daily basis in the city. The colors popped and were vividly more dynamic. Maybe because the air is cleaner and it doesn’t have all the pollutants to fight against. They was just a clear, crisp ‘awe inspiring’ end to the day.

The only unimpressive moments that I can remember would be the snow. Sorry if you love snow, but I am not fond of it. I have shoveled my fair share and could definitely do without it. I guess that is one reason why I live in the suburbs now. No snow just heat.



In response to Daily Prompt: The Natural World


4 thoughts on “The outdoors I remember

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