Pavement below my feet again

Today we went for a run outside. I know it seems trivial to think that a post about a run outside is important, but after having knee surgery running outside on pavement is a big deal.

It was my first time running on pavement since the surgery and after taking my time and going at a comfortable pace, I completed a bit over 2 miles with an 11 minute pace. I am thrilled. Sure there are those who run 6 minute miles. I’m happy for you. I am not going to kill myself doing that, especially preparing for my first half-marathon. Nope not even going to think about it. Besides, I may be competitive but my knees in the long run are more important to me than a winning mile to brag about. I want to walk in my old age not be pushed around in a wheelchair.

So, today was successful. I’ve put in 8 miles this week plus tennis and the gym. Not too bad for 5 weeks post surgery.

Moving forward-determined-strong


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