Women, teens, and weight- the choices we make

As women it seems to be a challenge to stay thin. We have to work twice as hard as men to burn through what we eat. I know there is someone out there who is going to say, “I don’t have too”, well goodie-gumdrops I’m happy for you, but just wait. Reality will catch up with you. All women in time will gain some weight. You may not see it right away but you will. There are those who gain weight during childbirth and don’t lose it. There are those who will ‘bounce back’ right away and others who have to work at it. It is just how our bodies are made. Of course we also have those who don’t give a damn about their weight at all and would rather sit in an electric cart eating a Twinkie and sucking on a Big Gulp with fat hanging over the edges and food on their shirt. Fantastic image right?

I’m saying this because there are teenagers out there who are both super stick thin and those who are obese. Teens are on diets because they think they are fat in a size 2 jean (girls you are nowhere near fat). Is it because of what they see in magazines and in other media that makes them feel that they are too fat? Is it peer pressure? Maybe showing someone in a size 8-10 would help create a more stable image for young girls. On the other hand, there are those who can’t put the chips, cookies, ice cream, extra hamburgers, or fries down and don’t exercise. They would rather sit on the couch and watch television. Why? There has to be a happy medium. Are parents not concerned with their children’s choices and exercise habits? My guess would be that they are disengaged. Start paying attention to your children because you’re missing something important.

I am not a medical expert, so I won’t claim that at all, this is just my opinion as it is my blog. Women who diet, unless for a medical reason, I think are foolish. These models and girls who eat a single lettuce leaf and say “I’m full” are kidding themselves to stay thin. EAT! If you want to stay thin and look fabulous, then go and exercise. Of course I hate to see others stuff their face with cakes, cookies, and fatty foods as well because obesity is no laughing matter (remember the image above I painted for you), but everything in moderation is O-K. Yes, women may have to work a little harder at keeping the weight off, and those goodie-gumdrop people who are saying ‘ha-ha I don’t have to work hard at keeping it off’, just watch over time at what happens if they don’t exercise.

We all may not be a size 2, but we all don’t have to be either. Be happy with who you are on the inside and out. If what you see isn’t what you want because you don’t fit into your jeans or your dress size isn’t what you want it to be, then go and exercise. If you don’t feel like getting off the couch to go and walk or exercise, then are you truly happy with yourself on the inside? If you aren’t then get up and do something about it. It is amazing how much better you will feel both mentally and physically.

For the parents who are missing out on the important choices and habits their children are making, maybe go and exercise with them or drag them out with you. Sure they will be super embarrassed if you’ve never done it before, but family bonding is a great way to start the conversation on what is going on in their lives and everyone is getting a healthy start on a new tomorrow.


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