The teenage brains on vacation

School is out here in the states and with that being said, I think that the teenage brain is out as well. Literally, out of their heads and on vacation. I can see neon signs hanging from their foreheads that read,
‘On vacay, check back in August’
‘Window closed, try again later’
‘Please check in at another time’

What? No, no, no. There are still things to do around the house children. You cannot sleep in until noon everyday and stay up until 1am, summer break isn’t a ticket to partyville. There are things to be done and places to go- move it! It makes me think of the Alice Cooper song Schools Out for Summer

School’s out for summer
School’s out forever
School’s been blown to pieces

No more pencils
No more books
No more teacher’s dirty looks

Out for summer
Out till fall
We might not go back at all

School’s out forever
School’s out for summer
School’s out with fever
School’s out completely

Now I understand how it was as a teenager being out of school. It was great. No teachers, no school, no homework, no books, nothing. You could leave your brain at the door and check back in each August. Times were great, but responsibilities still got done. I still worked (best summer jobs ever); still went places, and still hung out with friends all the time. I’m not saying don’t do those things, by all means do, just help us parents out and get out of bed before noon.

In response to the Daily Prompt: Earworm


4 thoughts on “The teenage brains on vacation

  1. I think that is my favorite post of yours because it hits so close to home. My son stays up all night, then has practice in the morning which he is almost always late to. Then when I get home from working a 8+ hour shift his chores are not done and he wants to me to take him to his friends house. Wake up son!!! Sometimes I think I need a vacation from my family

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  3. Love this post! As someone who lives with teens and has wonderful memories of being a teen a million years ago this was great. And yes, I remember when this album came out (and the panties that covered the record).

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