Am I a sports fan? But of course.

Am I a sports fan? Having grown up playing sports my entire life I would say yes I am. I would sit mesmerized in front of the television when Michael Jordan would play basketball. I am not just talking about with the Chicago Bulls either. I’m talking about when he was with UNC. My father taught me to play so we would sit and watch college basketball, professional basketball and then go and shoot hoops outside. Rain, snow, or sun we would play. I still believe, and there are those who will say that others are better, but Michael Jordan is the all-time best player in basketball. These new guys don’t come close to the skill level that Jordan has and he actually ‘played’ the game. None of this hand carrying the ball 5 feet before dribbling again. No, he played it correctly along with the players of his time.

Okay I am getting off topic… I LOVE Notre Dame football. If I can’t watch the game because I am not home, it is DVR’d to watch later. I will wear the green, blue, and gold. I will hang the flag out front, put the blanket over the couch, and wear the sweatshirt with pride. Even if they lose. I have not been to an actual game and I would love to go see one in person, but living on the west coast it makes it a little difficult.

Why do I love Notre Dame? I have since I was younger so I don’t really know the answer, but I do. Maybe it is the spunk of the little Fighting Irish guy running around the sidelines getting the crowd pumped up or the tradition of singing the alma mater after every game. Whatever it is, I have always been a true college football fan of Notre Dame.

Now pro football, I could care less about. It all goes to their head once they get there. They no longer care about the sport and what got them there. They only care about the publicity and the money. That isn’t what playing a sport should be about. So no thank you, don’t watch the pros except for the Super Bowl and that is for the commercials.

The only other sports I am interested in are those my son plays and those that I participate in myself. I am an avid supporter of my sons play. He plays both baseball and tennis quite well. When he takes the field or dons the court, I am there to cheer him on. My husband and I run, attempt tennis, shoot hoops, play softball (he does), and do sport shooting. We love to get out there together to do sporting activities and attend sporting events. So , am I a sports fan? You betcha.

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