Please watch your children

Why do some parents not pay attention to their children?

I was woken up today by two young children screaming from the yard behind me. Everyday without fail these two children scream, whine, and cry. The parents are nowhere in sight- except to yell at them when they finally do appear. What are you doing when you aren’t watching your children? Sitting on the couch eating bon-bons watching soap operas or doing something else that I’d rather not mention here. Whatever it is please pay attention to them before they get hurt.

Today is a good example. The older child apparently hid the scissors. Yes I said scissors. Now that would definitely set off some red flags for me, but then again I always watched my child and knew what he was doing. These two just don’t seem to have a clue and I worry what our future is going to be like. One parent talked to the child about how the child cut off the leg of one of its toys with the scissors and that they shouldn’t do that again. Well what if they cut the hair of the dog, or their siblings hair, then what would happen. Talk to them about what scissors should be used for and help them find the darn scissors.

I see too many parents walking around like these two. They don’t pay attention to their children and wonder why when the entire aisle of canned goods falls their child is crying at the other end of the aisle. If they had their child by their side this wouldn’t have happened and the parent wouldn’t have ended up yelling. So where is the attention span of these adults? They are found fiddling with their phones, gabbing with their shopping partners, and attending to their own needs. Children need direction and guidance, so start giving them what they need before its too late.

I applaud those parents who pay attention to their children. I hope their children will help make a difference in the world. I am afraid that the ones with no discipline, direction, or guidance will be our biggest worry as they will turn out like the parents or the citizens that are less worthy of our time. I don’t know how to fix the problem. I just hope that they all get a reality check soon before it is too late.


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