TEAM- What do you mean?

What does TEAM mean? To some it is merely being associated with a sports team like football, baseball, soccer. Others may see it as being part of a larger group of advisors who take part in some joint venture. Still others may view it as the team that pulls the plow through the field- their mules or their draft horses.

However, I’m talking about the use of the word TEAM when we associate it to the ‘effort’ put in by more than one person and agreed upon collectively. If one part of the team falters, the whole team falters. Give and take. Equal parts. Collaboration.

I’ve come across this use of the word in many different scenarios lately and with each one it is a little frustrating. There is no ‘I‘ in TEAM. I know someone will say ‘but there is a ‘Me‘. Well… Maybe.

Here is an example of what I mean. I took my car in because we’ve been having an issue and they can’t seem to get it right. This time they said, ‘We’ll work together as a TEAM on this to get it resolved and come up with an answer.’ Ok well we provided the problems, the videos, the images and ended up having to take it back in because it happened again. I wonder what kind of TEAM approach this was because we held up our end of the bargain so what happened on their side? My car is fixed now but after much back and forth and the repeated phone calling from my end to make sure things were going as planned, why didn’t they come through with the promised TEAM effort? Hmmmm… Kind of makes you wonder how loose of a term this really is.

This is just one example, as I’ve said it has happened lately several times. Each one very similar to the one above. I guess I’m saying the next time I hear “let’s work on that as a TEAM”, or “we’ll work together as a TEAM on this….”, I’m going to have to step back and evaluate the whole picture a little more before I say, ‘OK sure that sounds great!’ because before you know it, I might just get suckered in to doing all the follow up one more time.


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