The day I met my sledgehammer

Today has been an interesting day. It started with a lovely trip to the dental office for myself and my son. There are always joyful moments at the dental office. I followed this up with a trip to find a gift for my sons birthday. I found something, but need something else. All this was before 11a.m. I still had the whole day. Damn!!!

I cleaned the house and applied for a job today. Boring tasks but they needed to be done. Oh, did i mention I bought a sledgehammer.

This was the highlight of my day. Well that and finding out that today is National Tequila Day. By far two fabulous things in one day. YES!!!

So my sledgehammer is for breaking up our brick in the backyard. We plan to have the yard landscaped later this summer and we are taking some things out before we get this done and cutting costs. The release of energy when that hammer dropped was AWESOME. I love it! I could not stop today. I wanted to keep going but my husband wanted to share in the joy of demolishing the brick as well😞. It’s okay. I’ll share because when I was done I honored National Tequila Day with a shot and a beer. There is more brick for tomorrow and then it is time to rip into the deck.

There is nothing like finishing some hard work than with a cold one and a shot. Thank you for a sledgehammer and National Tequila Day. They couldn’t have come together on a better day.





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