State of the year as I know it

State of the year as of date… Well there has been a few road blocks thus far but I am managing to come through the detours and am coming back onto the highway we call life again, slowly.

-I’ve blown out my knee for the third time in my life and had knee surgery. So far so good, knock on wood that it stays healthy.
-We are registered for a half-marathon in November and training for that goal. This is moving right along just hoping the knee stays healthy. 😳
-It has been a full year since I have been out of a job but I am ok. I have done a great deal of healing in that time and feel phenomenal. Now that I am out of the environment I was in it has made a huge difference.
-I have an interview and I am looking forward to getting back to work.
-I have been able to sit down and write and meet new people. This is a huge plus.
-I have order again in my house. Some times when you get that needed break in life you can come back to what needs to be fixed, or in our case finished around the house. I’ve finished more projects this year alone than I have in 10 years.
– I am happy. There is a lot to say about being happy in ones life. Some days may not be all that they are suppose to be but in general it is what it is. They are not life changing days like they were a year ago, so for me I am thankful that there is a different outlook.

So my state of the year is positive right now. Keeping my fingers crossed for a brighter tomorrow but if it doesn’t come then I am content with who I am today.

In response to the Daily Prompt: State of Your Year


3 thoughts on “State of the year as I know it

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