The last back-to-school

This month for many of us it is the beginning of the school year. WOOHOO!

Like me there are those out there who will be seeing their children off to their last year of school before going on to college- my baby’s a Senior. No more lunch boxes, no more brown bags, back-to-school supplies will be a memory and school shopping will forever be a tradition that is no longer the trudge to the mall with child in tow unhappily walking a mile behind because they are with their parents. OMG! I’m with my parents.

This coming year will have its ups and downs. I am extremely proud of my son for who he is becoming and for his academic success. I am excited for the choices he has made in the colleges he will be applying to and for the possibility of a well-rounded academic future. I am sad to think that life has gotten away from me at times and that I may have missed part of his childhood. I know that he tells me I haven’t but deep down as a parent I know that I have.

I am thankful for this past year, even though it has been difficult for me personally, that I have been given the opportunity to stay home and be there for my son. It has been a blessing to see his smiling face each day walk through the door and have him sit down to talk with me about pretty much anything. We’ve had our moments, but I’ll miss it all when he goes off on his own.

So this year will be one of those school years that as a parent it will be time to look toward the future, just as our children will be looking toward their futures. Happy back to school one last time.


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