Jealousy- no letter needed!

I’ve been thinking of this Green Eyed Monster jealousy letter all day. I’ve come to the realization that I wouldn’t write a letter to someone that I might be jealous of because why should one be jealous of another? Is it that they have something better than you have? Do they have more wealth, stature, friends, confidence, beauty, luck. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter.

I may not be perfect, have flawless beauty, be in complete self control and have 100% self confidence all the time, however, that is who I am. I believe that jealousy leads to anger and anger leads to misguided feelings. It is something that I do not need. I can work on my imperfections and be happy with who I am without the jealousy factor at all.

I know people who are jealous of others and it eats at them when others do well and when others achieve greatness. These folks turn into the green eyed monster and it is a horrible sight to see. That is not who I want to be and so I do not wish to write a letter to anyone.

I am who I am. A non-perfect, working on self confidence and control kind of girl. Take it or leave it.

In response to the Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster


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