When I grew up…

When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you? Are the two connected?

At the age of 10, I wanted to be a Nurse. Back in the early 80’s, before all the colored medical outfits they have now, I liked their uniforms, caring demeanor, and that they helped people who didn’t feel well.

What turned me off was all the science that I would have had to take. I am not a science driven person. Between that and all the blood that I saw come out of my knee from the surgical videos they took, no thank you. I will leave that profession to someone else.

So my dream of becoming a Nurse went up in flames. Poof!

When I made it to college, I went into the field of English and then after a couple moves around the western part of the US, I went into Education. The field I enjoy working in is Higher Education. Not teaching, but Administration. I hope to get back into the field someday but needed a break to take care of family and myself for a while otherwise those two may not have been connected today.

Within the field I enjoy, the two are connected in some ways. Students who seek a Nursing degree pursue higher education beyond high school. So even though I never became a Nurse, I have had the opportunity to assist students in taking courses to pursue their own degrees in Nursing and fulfill their dreams.

In response to the Daily Prompt: Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star


5 thoughts on “When I grew up…

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  3. I, too, had a preoccupation–I wanted to be a fashion designer. I sketched women in clever outfits of my own making, all the time. It was the major I chose in college. Then, a rude awakening: I had to learn to sew to be a fashion designer. Imagine! I loathed sewing. So . . . just like you, nurse out the window, I threw fashion design out the window. But I did become a desiger–a graphic and web designer. It really all worked out swell. Sounds like your path, and I hear in your post a yearning to get back to nursing somehow. Hope you do. Glad you shared this!

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