Road to recovery, Part.3

If you’ve been reading my blog, you will know that I had knee surgery in late May. Since then I have been recovering and building my knee back up to where it was so my husband and I can complete our goal this year- a half marathon in a couple months.

I feel like things are going smoothly. I’ve been to the gym lately working on the machines and running 5K’s 3 times a week right now. My husband recently hurt his back and so I am waiting on him to do a longer run as I’d rather go with someone than go alone. Time is running out though as race day gets closer. This is the only thing right now that is a stopper in training. We are 92 days from the race. The whoa’s of training.

Tomorrow is another run day though. Another day to lace up my Flyknits, head out the door and hopefully go further than a 5K.


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