(P)eople (C)learly need to lighten up

Is political correctness a useful concept, or does it stifle honest discussion?

As a parent we try and teach our children between right and wrong every day. We help them grow and learn about new ideas and concepts. We try to teach them about the differences between appropriate language and inappropriate language especially in diverse groups because we don’t want to “offend” anyone. This is our obligation because this is how we have been taught, or at least most of us were taught. Unfortunately, there are some who take offense to anything someone says regardless of what it is. Some are offended by the color of a shirt you may be wearing because it may be seen as a symbol of hate or gang related or if you wear it to school and it has a word like “gun” on it you are instantly offending someone else. Plenty of kids back in the 80’s wore shirts that said “Guns and Roses” for a particular band and people didn’t freak out, so what happened to today’s society?

I would have to blame part of it on the media and part on the thought that it has been around for decades. The naysayers have always been around to say, ” no, no, no you can’t say that”, ” that has offended me”, ” you can’t wear white after Labor Day”, ” your tone is too abrupt for me” ” you can’t wear that color here” Really? What country am I in again because I know we have Freedom of Speech here and I know I have the right to my opinion as well, what gives? I’ll tell you, you need to be PC in certain venues. There is a time and place to be free to say what you want, and there is a time and place to be just like Ms. Manners has taught us- polite. Unfortunately, there are more people who will say that something offends them whether it really does or not and that bothers me. You can disagree that is fine, but I feel that they have no values or morals. Their integrity even waivers. They go with what others around them are going with. They are followers. People today don’t think for themselves and so if one person feels that it isn’t right to say the word ” Damn” then no one else in the city should say “Damn”.

Another example is with some of the music that teenagers are listening too that can be deemed ‘politically incorrect’ because of its content. (Ok, not just teenagers because we hear it thumping in cars next to us.) I don’t like how they use language to classify their race in this music. However, if a White person were to use that same word (starts with an N) in public they are deemed a racist and will be criticized greatly. So why isn’t everyone criticized? Don’t you think by using the word they are harming their race by using that language? Politically correct or double standard? Or one step further, television. Take Family Guy for example, they have been criticized for the politically incorrect use of language and episodes quite often. Tons of people watch this weekly. Do people who watch take it as a “haha they are making fun of the world” type of comedy or does it “offend” them? See here is where another problem lies, people will watch even if it offends them because it will make them even angrier with the country or world and then they will spout off about how politically incorrect it is. Then why watch?

So is political correctness a useful concept? In certain situations it can be. A particular gathering where Ms. Manners polite etiquette needs to come into play- yes. Does it stifle honest discussion- yes. Inside each of us should know what is right and wrong, some take everything wrong because they just drip hate everywhere, but if they know right from wrong then they should be able to see that it is the opinion of the other person when talking.

In response to the Daily Prompt: P.C.


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