Today I seek strength

I’m tired. Tired of being the one who always tries and gets nowhere. Tired of being the one who is denied what I should be given. Tired of being tred on for no reason just so someone else can get ahead. Tired of trusting others and then being stabbed in the back. Tired of being looked past for someone else’s benefit. Tired of always giving and never getting anything in return.

It has destroyed something in me.

I am done with the people that bring me conflict and who bring me indecision; and I am done with those who never give in return. I’m not giving in to the crap anymore. I’ve always had to fight for what is right while others get it handed to them and though it has never been fair I have taken my punches and taken my hits. But I am not doing it anymore.

I will not allow myself to be that obstacle that stands in my way, as i have allowed others to be already. Today I am starting over. No more “patience and calm”. From here I seek only that which is good for me.


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