Run Breathe Finish

Run, keep running…..breathe….you have a good pace going…one foot in front of the other, breathe in, breathe out… Side step the horse hoof indenture….there you go. Keep going, keep running…that’s it pass that person and move on through the field…breathe, pace is still good, over halfway there keep moving, you can do it, you can do it…breathe. Look! There is the finish, the flags, the ladies with the medals, push now…breathe and push, just like child birth, you can do it. Yes!!!

Today I ran in my first 5K after having knee surgery a couple months ago. I felt horrible the day before, acquired a migraine along with whatever I was fighting and woke up to go out and run. Crazy right? Nope. For me, running helps get rid of the migraines. Sounds odd but exercise actually helps reduce the pressure and I was all about reducing the pressure I was feeling. So I went out to the It Takes Guts (in support of rare childhood autoimmune diseases) 5K with my neighbor today to get my run on. Having less than 90 days until my half marathon it turned out to be a good training run and migraine smasher all in one.

We had a gorgeous morning with just a little humidity in the air which is odd for us and no wind. Perfect! Another positive was that my knee held up just fine. I had some pain earlier in the week on some runs but today I felt fine and was so happy with the outcome. Things are looking good and I’m looking forward to the next piece of the journey on the way to my half marathon.

5K done – ✔


In response to the Daily Prompt: Three-Tenths


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