I’m drained

I’ve thought a lot about friendships lately. Maybe it is because I have all this time to sit around at home watching days pass into weeks but I have thought about what friends really do for each other.

See I find that there are times when the people we know or thought we knew stop talking. Maybe it is because of something we said or didn’t say, or perhaps it is because they didn’t like a particular action or way that you dealt with a situation. No matter what it might be if they are your friend shouldn’t they ‘talk’ to you about it? Maybe your entire life was falling apart before your eyes and all you needed was a friend to talk to. Someone to give a little encouragement to say, ‘hey buck up little camper, you can pull through this’, or ‘ why don’t we go have a drink and talk it over, I’m all ears.’ Isn’t that what friends do for one another?

I saw this little saying the other day, not sure who wrote it but it is interesting none the less:

Fight for you.
Respect you.
Include you.
Encourage you.
Need you.
Deserve you.
Stand by you.

Hmmmm…. I did say it was interesting, just not sure how much I believe in it anymore.

I guess maybe I am just emotionally drained- not by all of them because as you have heard before there are a couple that are phenomenal, but lately there are some that are- how do I say this- not the quality or caliber of friend that I expected. Maybe I am just tired of being the ‘always supportive, giving, no worries, it’s okay, GOOD FRIEND.’ Will I ever get to be the one who is on the receiving end of the GOOD FRIEND friendship? I’m beginning to wonder with these people. 😕

It could just be that I have way too much time on my hands to think. It could be that I’ve just allowed people to get the best of me and its time to pull back. Maybe it is just time to not be such a GOOD FRIEND anymore. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Okay enough rambling, I’m going to cook dinner.


2 thoughts on “I’m drained

  1. I’m sorry to see you so disappointed but you’re right. In difficult times there are only a few good friends, the true ones. And they are like treasures.

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