I need a crystal ball!

Today I looked into the future. Not with a crystal ball, though if I had a crystal ball maybe it would provide me with a sound indication of the direction that I need to go in. Rather I went to a university and talked to some professors about next steps and what I need to do to place my foot firmly on the foundation for my future. If I could find that crystal ball and ask it the questions that I want to know all things would be simplified, but it is nowhere in sight.

I’m glad I went and found some information but also found that another professor tried talking me out of an online degree. I don’t know the direction I will go yet but if I so choose to go the route of an online degree is it such a bad choice? How do others feel about online doctorate or master’s programs? I’d like to know but at the same time a bit bothered that this individual would even turn their head up at a student who is attempting to pursue another degree. Shouldn’t they be happy that a student is excited about education? They are educators after all. Maybe it is because I didn’t consider their program first, or maybe it is because I brought it up. Whatever the reason, I’ll make the choice thank you very much.

Now… If I can only find that crystal ball to help solve some of these questions…..


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