A full weekend and a screaming goat

It has been a busy weekend. September rolled into town, college football kicked off, Labor Day came and went, and we had a very full weekend doing things that didn’t require much work. 😃

My husband and I ventured up to Lake Tahoe for the Brad Paisley concert and had a great time. Such an entertainer and having only seen him one time I love how he builds humor into his concerts. I especially loved the screaming goat. It is my new wake up alarm for my son when he doesn’t wake up to his. “Last call”, then I’ll let the goat scream. Hehehe….Even though the lake was layered with a smokey haze from the fires that plaque California, it was still good to be back in the area. The weather was great and beaches weren’t packed with tourist.

When we returned from our jaunt up the hill we came back for a little 5K. Just something around the neighborhood before dinner. The recovery process is still going well and my knee is getting stronger and stronger so I am feeling good about taking on our half-marathon in November. Just trying to perfect the breathing technique a little more before we dive in further.

Since it was such a gorgeous weekend and it seemed to go on forever, we decided to go out and try our new shotguns on the clay target range. We enjoy this new sport and everyone else was out at the Dove Season opener. It gave us an opportunity to spend some time together and do something we both enjoy. There was this one guy, and I don’t like guys who “feel” that they know everything and have to “talk to the man about the woman”. You know what I mean right girls? So this guy says to my husband,” Mind if I tell you something about how she is shooting?” My husband said, “You can tell her.” I then turned around and said, “Why don’t you just tell me?” He was just one of those guys who “knew everything” and I held my tongue because I was annoyed. I felt sorry for his daughter or whomever the girl was with him. She looked embarrassed. Why can’t people just let others enjoy what they are doing? Why meddle? I’m glad we were almost over because he threw my whole next target off. Jerk!

We ended our weekend with a 5.6 mile run on Monday morning. Not too bad and my knee still feels strong. Very little swelling and no stiffness. So why am I telling you all everything about my weekend…. Well I never have full weekends of doing things I like to do. It is always things we do and then laundry, or chores, or shopping, or something less thrilling. This weekend was fun, minus the jerk at the range.

It was nice to just get out and have fun, no worries, no whining, only a screaming goat, some running and some shooting. Peaceful. Oh and Notre Dame won!!!!


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