Gifting and the receiving

Today on my run with my husband I was thinking about gifting. Why was I thinking about gifting  while running I don’t really know but at least it kept me going on our 3 mile run this morning as I listened to music that would help me get down this breathing technique.  A lot going on in my head right now.

In days past people use to take time and put effort in to finding a gift for a birthday, baby shower, wedding, anniversary, promotion etc. These days with everything so readily available through gift cards, store checkout lines, and Facebook people don’t take time anymore. For instance, my son had his birthday in August and received a gift card through Facebook from a family member.  Now honestly I think it is entirely too tacky for the family member to send this through Facebook to my son. One, he doesn’t even go on Facebook much any longer; and two you are a family member. You mean to tell me that you don’t care about your family enough to go to a store and find a gift? It is sad and pathetic because we’ll get a response like…  “I don’t have time to go.” “I’m too busy.” “I don’t know what he likes.” I have a few choice words for that… check in once and a while and you might know something other than his age.

Now maybe I sound bitter, but my husband and I try and make sure that we aren’t just giving gift cards. If we know that someone is doing repairs on their home, then we might give a gift card. If we know that for their birthday all they want is a Starbuck’s gift card because they go there everyday, then we will get the gift card. However, we aren’t going to send it through Facebook. Go to the store, get a card and mail it. 

For the same family member, I went to a store and bought a present and a card, wrapped it and mailed it for their child. Maybe I am old fashioned but even with contractors tearing up my back and side yards, training for a half marathon and feverishly looking for a job, I still had time.  It really doesn’t take long, it just takes respect for the other person.

So gifting was my topic of thought today. Not everything has to be electronic and instantaneous. Opening a gift and reading a card are some of the small pleasures people still like to do.

Oh and for my son, he actually thought that this family member forgot about his birthday until he got a nasty gram through Facebook messenger. Sorry kiddo some people just don’t have any class.


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