The waiting game


There are times when we have to wait and it is expected to wait. Like when you are at a restaurant and you need to wait to be seated, you are in the grocery store and you are waiting to check out, you are in the wings of a church waiting to walk down the aisle. Those are legitimate times to wait. However, when you are at an HMO pharmacy and you have waited 15 minutes to see your name flash on the board and be told that your prescription is not ready and then have to go back to the doctor (in another building) just to be told that the prescription was reordered under a different dosage. Now you trek back to the pharmacy for them to say, ‘ we can fill a portion now but not the whole thing because we don’t have enough. You’ll have to wait longer.’


The inability to provide solid customer service these days is very very sad. What happened to the pride in work? The giving customers 100% of your time while serving them? Where did that go?

I am still sitting, waiting. Almost 45 minutes later for me to be called back up only to be told to sit back down for a consultation. I know it is Friday the 13th but I just want to go home already. Unfortunately, I sit and wait. How much longer I do not know.


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