Sometimes things just happen

I was asked to participate in a challenge. A Viking Challenge. If you are a runner you know that they can be brutal, long and strenuous. My husband got asked to participate as well and we figured it would be great training for our upcoming run that we will be doing in November. Sounded ideal. Lots of running, lots of miles, able to focus on the pacing and breathing- no problem. However, the weatherman didn’t get the memo.

We encountered rain and not just sprinkles but a downpour. If we had been on a track that was rubberized or weatherproof it would have been fine but a dirt track that began to flood was just too dangerous. Water was pooling everywhere and though it could be fun to run through the mud and puddles, it is also dangerous.

The run was scheduled to be from 7am-7pm and the teams we were on decided to pack it in at around hour 5. I was disappointed but also want to make it to the half marathon. My knee has been swelling lately and I could be over doing it a bit so better safe than sorry, right? As it was I got in 4 miles and my husband 6 but We both wanted more.

Besides there are more days to go run between now and November and hopefully they will be nice days.šŸ‘Ÿ

The crazy thing about the whole run was the next day. Bright blue sky, green grass, and not a cloud in the sky. Funny how it works out sometimes.


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