Time for a change

It’s quiet today. I know it is early, but there are no screaming children coming from the other side of the fence, no barking dogs, no other noises but the sound of the wind blowing and a distant train. Peace at last. I have been waiting for this all week.

Lately I’ve taken a look around me at everyone and everything. They rush around to get from place to place; stay late at their jobs, and seem so busy. Busy with what though? Everything will be there tomorrow unless today will suddenly end and if it does then all the rushing around just really doesn’t matter. People aren’t taking time out of their day to enjoy it. They aren’t slowing down and living. I’m guilty of it myself. I did it for years and now, having nowhere to go except for the necessary places (I.e. Grocery store, doctors, outdoor runs, gym, etc) I’ve learned that you don’t have to always be in a hurry. You can slow down and take things in stride.

Fall season has just started and maybe what I am saying is that it’s time to rethink who we want to be. Do we want to be the hurry up and get to the heart attack first person, or do we want to take our time and enjoy the scenery around us, enjoy the people we meet, and have a good time doing it?

Ah….There’s the 7:30 whistle crisp and clean. So soothing and clear today.


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