Everyone Fails- Learn from it!

“Failures are part of life. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn you’ll never change.”  ~Unknown

There are many times that we shy away from everyday life because we are afraid of what might happen.  We won’t apply for a position because it may be too overwhelming; we may not move over into the fast lane to pass a car and go over the speed for fear there is a police officer near by; we might not speak up for fear of being reprimanded; or we might not pick up a baseball bat again because we are afraid we just aren’t good enough anymore. Fear takes over failure all too often and it does not allow people to grow and learn from their mistakes and failures.

I’m not afraid to say that I have failed. I’ve made my share of mistakes and I’ve definitely faltered. I’ve learned over time that success does not bring you long lasting happiness that you want in life. Success cannot bring you happiness, it can only bring you moments of happiness, but not the long lasting happiness that you desire.  How do I explain…. In times of need you seek out family and friends, those who will be by you that you can count on and you dig deep down to your soul for support.  You don’t reach out to your success for success cannot help you in your time of need. It can’t say, “Everything will be alright. Success is here for you.” Family and friends, however, can say, “I’m right here. Whatever you need, I’m just a phone call or a knock on the door away from you. Anytime or day.” Success can’t say that. It is just a label. Now if you fail, that is a whole other story, isn’t it?

People tend to remember if and when you failed. Failure sticks in the mind more than success, therefore, if you fail it is likely to be remembered more than the good that you’ve done. The problem is when you fail you can’t let it get to you.  Yes, it is devastating, difficult, and hard, but you can’t let people kick you around. You have to learn from your mistakes. If you get knocked down you have to get back up and fight again. No matter how hard it is and how difficult, you need to keep trying and keep going.   Everyone fails, everyone falters, everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect. We learn from what we do and do better from what we change.

Failure=A Lesson Learned

Change= A Better Tomorrow


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