A near miss on the road

When you drive, put down your phone, pay attention, and watch for those around you.

Today while on a training run with my husband, a black SUV came within an arms length of hitting me. I could reach out and slam my hand against the passenger window because the teenager didn’t come to a stop in order for him to know I was even there. The dark haired kid in the navy blue shirt didn’t even flinch. He kept going and texting at the same time. Today he was lucky but tomorrow it could be a small child or an old person who is walking down our street. When will he learn? When it is too late maybe or maybe when he hits someone or will he be the one who “hits and runs” because he was close today.

California has laws against drivers and texting but people don’t pay attention, just as they don’t pay attention to the talking and driving law. Enough is enough. My life flashed before my eyes today. I had to pull up slightly causing me to feel a pull in my leg but luckily I am okay. People need to STOP paying attention to their phones and pay attention to the road.

I ask that people just pay more attention, not only for my life but for those you might care about.

Put down the phones when you drive.


One thought on “A near miss on the road

  1. It’s happened to me a few times this year. Running in a ‘bike or run’ line on a busy road and someone driving fast screeches their tires as they correct their car before they plow right into me. Phones should go in your trunk before you get behind the wheel (note to self – this includes me)

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