Road to Recovery: Part 4

Well… We are a little under a week out to the half marathon. I still can’t believe that the time has finally arrived. My knee is/has recovered nicely. A few catches every now and then but for the most part it is functional and a-ok. My other joints however, they ache. I could be overdoing it just to finish standing up, but it is my goal. No crawling across the line. I plan to finish standing after.

Still struggling with this breathing thing though. You think you have it down and then you don’t. It is driving me crazy but maybe when I am running with a group of other individuals it will all fall together. Let’s hope. Keep fingers crossed for me, I’ll need it. The big training run last weekend was miserable so I need to really pack in the fuels for the week to make it through the race and not have dead legs. Anyone have ideas out there on what to do to make sure I survive this?

It will be an adventurous week ahead and an interesting one at that. A couple college visits in the mix for my son and a half marathon to run but the beginning of November will be a memorable one.


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