An added value

Do you have a mentor? Tell us about him or her. Are you a mentor to someone else? Tell us what that relationship has added to your life.

Yes I do. At times we do not agree or see eye to eye, but that is what makes the lessons learned even more meaningful. For 12 years now I’ve counted on this person to be honest, hard on me when I needed it, and there to push me to take risks. I would never have applied for jobs outside of my comfort zone if it weren’t for him encouraging me to go beyond my corner of the world.

So for me, my mentor is a key person in my life. I may not say it enough and I might be a pain most of the time, but thank you. If it weren’t for someone to believe in me and keep pushing me to reach outside the box I’d probably still be in my little corner of the world on the second floor on the one university campus.

I owe you.

Daily Prompt: Cheering Section


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