Please be courteous in airports

Ahhh. Traveling. We experience so many different things when we travel.

I like how the gate attendants tell people that you can only take two personal bags on board with you and there are people taking 3-6. I know they understand they just try to get away with it.  There was a woman on board last night who had a purse, a large department store bag (filled to the rim I might add) and a roller bag.  They made the announcement that they would have to check all roller bags. She didn’t seem to care. The attendant at the gate informed her that she needed to find a way to fit the  purse into the department store bag or it wouldn’t be possible to go further. She looked at him, while looking up from her phone because that was more important than following the rules, as if he insulted her. She stuffed it into the bag. There was nowhere to stuff it. I don’t know why they just didn’t take her out of line and tell her that the roller bag had to go under the plane and the other bag had to be rearranged because what ended up happening is she took up “2” areas with her stuff. Not just one roller bag section but two so someone else had to check their bag. She didn’t seem to care either. She just continued on her way with her phone texting.

It is people like that who really don’t understand respect, sharing, empathy. She continued her snobbish ways when a gentleman went to sit down in his seat and her facial features were less than pleasant. I’m surprised she didn’t ask to move. She was a horrible person to have come across on our trip and one of the slowest to get her stuff off the plane.

Now I know that I am standing on a soap box right now and venting but if you are in an airport, be considerate of others. Give up your seat for an older person to sit down on the trains or shuttles, don’t sneeze and cough on people, walk through the airport- don’t bob and weave around because you are texting or reading emails that can wait until you get to your gate; and please make sure you follow the directions the flight attendants give you when checking baggage. Everyone has somewhere to go, a flight to catch, or a loved one to see. You are not the only one on the plane.

Thanks for hearing me out today.


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