The Unlikely Timing of Information

Information comes to us in many different ways. The best information comes to us at the most unlikely times and it is this information that we are the most surprised with when it catches us off guard. Kind of like throwing out the life preserver because you need support and you find that the line is split and there is no one to help you.

I guess I have a couple things going through my head right now:

1. I am stumped when I hear that people expect you to know something when there is no indication that you should have known it. Or you start something and find out that nothing works the way it should but there is a lack of urgency to get things fixed, however, you should know how to make it happen for you. I don’t know why this is, or where these people come from who make these broad assumptions but do they really think that it is ok to catch someone off guard and be alright with it?

2. It is like trying to rely on a friend to be there. You expect them to be compassionate and sincere when you “need” them and find out that they don’t care a bit about what is going on in your life to be there for you at all. You’ve reached out and “poof” you get nothing in return. No compassion, no sympathy, no depth to the emotion that you are feeling, just plain pathetic contact. Who are these people? You’ve given them “your” time and devotion when things went wrong in their life and they can’t give their time now. WOW! Reality check.

3. I am having a hard time with people who expect you to contact them out of the blue because the phone works two ways and they think that you should always be the one to make contact first. I thought Alexander Graham Bell designed the phone to work in a way to make a conversation work from either end. I didn’t think it was only a one-sided adventure. Am I wrong on that?

I guess I am just getting older and looking at things from a different way of life these days. Maybe I am just wishing people would open their eyes and be a little more personable.  



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