To gift or not to gift

I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been busy. While I know that isn’t a good excuse to not sit down and tap something out for a couple minutes, it is all I can offer right now.

I’ve given a lot of thought to the meaning of gift giving. Typically we give each other gifts for a reason and it shouldn’t be because “we HAVE to do it. Otherwise why give gifts at all. Just say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas and be done with it. In fact don’t say anything at all, right?

Here is my take on things:

I am sure people give gift cards for a couple reasons. 1) they know the person really likes the store and they want to help them out. 2) it is quick and painless so they opt to get it. 3) people tell others, “Just get me a gift card”. Simple enough but at least some thought was put into it.

Articles of clothing you think the person would wear. 1) you’ve never seen the person in the color before so why force them into it? 2) it is two sizes too small because no one bothered to check what size your family is– hmmm could be a returning nightmare as no return receipt accompanies present 3) it smells like mothballs. I bet it was a regifted item.

No thought put into gift at all. These are the ones you wonder why give at all. 1) socks to wear only once a year- some people don’t wear socks in warm climates. When would they wear them? 2) plastic glass identifiers for parties. You’ve been to my house how often when there was a party? We don’t use that kind of glass. 3) a catalog gift that no one can find anything useful out of. For example, a child gets a catalog gift and the options are, ready, salad spinner, screw drivers, electric shaver, etc… How is this useful. Now the child may be a teen but still… Salad spinner!!!!

I have to say if you give a gift for a holiday, birthday, as a just because, make sure it has meaning and purpose. Know the person and what they like. If all else fails go for the gift card, but please stay away from the salad spinner for teens. I felt so bad I went and bought my son something else – just because it was so thoughtless.


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