The message in the bottle…


I am stranded on an island. It is beautiful, however, I only have rum and one bottle of water. The island is surrounded by sharks. I landed here when the cruise ship ran aground. It has been two weeks. All I have is my grass hat, the rum, a bottle of water, and the clothes on my back.

If anyone is out there, please either send a rescue crew, more rum and provisions, or a boat. That is all I ask for.

If nothing can be provided, I will try my best to survive.


Troubled on the high seas

Daily Prompt: SOS


I’m an Xer

Think about the generation immediately younger or older than you. What do you understand least about them — and what can you learn from them?

I saw this prompt this morning and figured I’d give it a go. I’m an Xer and the Y’s are what trip me up. I live with a Z so I am learning what we will soon see from them but the Y’s…..that is where I feel our world could use a little more understanding.

I want to learn more about why things are never good enough for Y’s? Why do they jump from job to job? Why are they never happy with the way things are? Where is the respect for those who are older than you? Why so worried about work/life balance?

You don’t know everything, no matter what you learned on the internet or in school. There is a lot to learn from those who are older than you. Stop, look, and listen for a little bit. Put down the phone or other technology and just learn for a while, with a smile. You will be surprised Y’s what us Xer’s and beyond know.

I know we can probably learn a bit from your generation on volunteering, donating and finding a cause to believe in. I think we can learn a little more about being less individual as you Y’s seem to be more friend centered.

Maybe we can share the space we live in and associate more with each other- just stop calling us old please.

Daily Prompt:Generation XYZ

Here’s to a new tomorrow

Today I need all the best of luck, happy thoughts and best wishes I can get. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for good things to happen over the next couple days.

It is time for a positive change. 2014 is the year of good fortune and new beginnings. Let this week be that fresh start.


Being sick

When your sick you have a lot of time on your hands to think.

You can’t go anywhere, so stay home and watch movies. Movies then get boring. Sleep. You don’t want to over sleep though so you get up and eat. Nothing tastes right. Now your grumpy and just want to sleep again but your coughing. Why can’t you just get some rest.

I hate being sick.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better, germ free day.

Here’s to a brighter 2014

I am looking for better days. 2014 is to be fabulous. So far things have been good with a little bit of bad.

I am look for opportunities to flourish, be alive, excel. I no longer want to be held back. This year is the time to shine.

So from here on out I hope there are more opportunities not only in every day living but in work as well. I want a challenge and something to help me grow.

Just need some excitement this year.

My Super Hero

When I was little my hero was- Wonder Woman.

She was everywhere and when she appeared every Saturday in super friends I was glued to the television. I wanted to be her. She was tall, strong, confident, and heroic.

Today when I look back on those days I can say that my hero is still with me. I still want to be that strong, confident, heroic person. I’m already tall but I can improve on all the other skills. I might never be called Wonder Woman but I can be- me.

Thank you Wonder Woman.

Daily Prompt: Heroic

I need something fabulous

I’ve been trying lately to be positive, turn over a new leaf and throw out the baggage. It’s difficult and when there are days that you go somewhere and have to deal with people who have no clue what they are doing, it is even worse. My leaf is getting a bit tattered and we are only 9 days in.

Oh I hope there is a positive guidance fairy somewhere and one who will bring hope and good fortune. I don’t think my little wooden horse can carry all the weight on his back for long where he sits.

So I am going to try and take it one day at a time for now but I think I need a new mantra or a motivation to get me through each day until something fabulous comes along.