2014 will be awesome!

This year is going to be full of changes. I say that now and know that only I can make them happen. Start early and start with the right footing, otherwise it may never happen. I know that things are going to come my way and others will not, but in the end it is eventually what will make me happy that counts.

Last year there was a lot of uncertainty with people in my life. I got hurt and learned not to trust as I thought I could. By the end of the year, I threw away relationships I once valued and planted my feet firmly back on the ground. Why? Well after years of asking myself that same question over and over again it began to feel ridiculous. Why care? Why be the go to person? Why share? Why try? I was tired and quite frankly fed up.

I am tired of negativity and negative people. I am also tired of people who don’t inform you of what is happening within your own family. Seems kind of important but for whatever reason there may be they don’t share information. So this year, I am done. Sometimes you just need to leave the baggage spinning on the airport baggage carousel and walk away.

So as 2014 approached I welcomed the year with open arms. There has to be a light at the end of an otherwise dark tunnel and this year will show me the way because now I am ready for a fresh start. New locations, new people, new adventures.

Here is to a brighter, happier new year.


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