It’s raining

People are talking about the impact of global warming, the bitter cold in the Northeast and the warmer temperatures out West. Well folks we are finally getting some much needed rain here in California where it is dry and our ground is parched. Is the entire state getting a good drink of water? No, it never seems to rain in the entire state at one time, but at least here in Northern California our vineyards and some of the fields where you get your rice, oranges, tomatoes, and other vegetables it is getting a good soak.

I know it is nothing like what the Northeast is/has been experiencing, but it is something. Having grown up in Lake Tahoe I know all too well what winter will bring in the form of a snow storm. I’ve trudged through snow and sleet to get to a bus stop because school hasn’t been cancelled. I’ve been stuck in a snow bank, and I’ve shoveled my fair share of snow from driveways. It is part of winter. The Northeast may be getting hit over and over with storms but look how many times the West was hit with storms a while back? It’s part of a cycle. I’m happy right now that we are getting some rain. We need it.

Nature is doing its thing.


My treasured trinket

I’ve had this trinket for a very long time. In fact, it has been almost 30 years since it was given to me. It’s been tucked away in its box holding on to its memories until just a couple years ago. Someone I cared deeply about who broke my heart gave this trinket to me and I couldn’t bear to wear it any longer. It was difficult to even see the box at times.

One day I was rummaging through my stuff and came across the box. I hesitated and wasn’t sure if I should open it. So much had happened in my life lately that seeing the trinket couldn’t make matters worse. I took a risk. I told myself, ‘Why not, time and life have a way of healing old wounds and you find strength in letting go of the pain.’ When I opened the box and took out my trinket, I no longer felt the pain associated with the memories. Instead I saw the beauty in the etching of the heart. I was relieved to find a bit of strength inside the box.

Some might think, ‘How can a silly little trinket do that for you?’ I ask you ‘Why have a lucky rabbits foot?’ or say ‘Why have a lucky cat in your window?’ Same difference, it gives you peace of mind, clarity, focus.


It isn’t always something one can explain. Sometimes it is just something one has to experience.


DPChallenge: Object

Frustrated with the job hunt

Writing and rewriting a resume and cover letter is somewhat of a daunting task. There are so many words in the English language that one can put down for a position that they held when applying for another one. You can only list so many accomplishments without sounding overbearing, overwhelming, and overqualified for some jobs that are out there. However, one cannot throw in the towel and just stop looking. We must push forward and continue to strive to find that job that everyone keeps saying, “You just haven’t found the right one yet”.

Yet. When is yet going to be found? It is heartbreaking to submit application after application and finding that nothing comes from them. I read that for every 7 applications that you turn in you might, might get an interview. I’m seriously considering the “return to school” option at this point but even then it doesn’t guarantee a job at the end of the degree sought avenue. I just want to find something that I can feel utilized, worthy, and honestly respected for my knowledge and depth of higher education in. I want to be able to help pay for my sons education for the next four years.

I really want something to come of all the applications I am putting forward. I know, jump off your soap box there are others in the same position. I just wish I knew what I was missing when I apply each time.

A run to support our troops today

Today we will run for those members associated with the Team Travis Aerial Port who lost their lives. Being part of a military family you participate in any way you can to support those who serve our country. It may be in sending care packages overseas, attending induction ceremonies, baking meals for families who have members in a hospital, or serving our Veteran’s during Thanksgiving. No matter what the participation level is, our members appreciate every ounce that we give back to them.

Today even a short 2-miles counts. So if you are a runner/walker and want to give back, take a run/walk and show your support. I know I will be.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Here is a treasure my husband brought back for me from Japan while on TDY in 1995. I was pregnant with my son at the time and our theme was Winnie-the-Pooh. Although I love Disney, Pooh is my favorite.

They have traveled across the Pacific Ocean, to Nevada, and into California. I’ve only lost the sticky seal that goes over the top all these years.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact on your memory and this little bottle of erasers is one for me.


Finding the right fit

What direction should one take after being let go from their job? Should they seek a position within the same career field or should they look elsewhere for a position?

I’ve thought a lot about these two questions the last week. It isn’t like the position I was let go from was a long standing position that I was holding for years and years. It was a probationary position with an at-will employer, however, it took me months to even land that position in my field as it was. So I wonder, is it worth staying in the field I am in? There seems to be no movement and even though I am applying in other states, I feel like other states look at the application and think, “I’m not going to pay for this person to move out here”, and then stuff the application into the shred pile. I’m not asking them to pay for my expenses. I’ll pay my own way out, just interview me and see what I have to offer you. I might be the right fit for you, just give me a chance and find out for yourself.

That is the problem I find with some of these institutions. They think that those who apply from far away are expecting them to foot the bill. They aren’t even considering that we might want to move out of our state and move on. I don’t know how others feel about this but it is my opinion and experience. If you have a similar experience let me know. I’d like to hear about it. 

Looking for input.