Its been a while, I know.

I used to post everyday and provide insight on what was happening in my world, but things were a bit hectic there for about a month or so.  See I started this position at a location that will not be named, however, it was not ideal.  As I look back on the location I am not sad that they released me from work yesterday. It is a blessing. I could not “sell” an education to students at $1500 to $1800 per term any longer. It wasn’t right. Why should a student have to pay that much for a non-profit education?  An actual 4-year degree from an institution of higher learning like Stanford, St.John’s or Harvard yes- but not a non-profit.  It is ridiculous.  I couldn’t do it.  Besides I was directed by a higher administrator to send students to a community college as a program was no longer being offered at this institution and the Director, yes the Director didn’t even realize it.  So what does that tell you about the institution that I was working for. It doesn’t sound very together right?

So today I have time to write and reflect. Should I have taken the position? Probably not but I didn’t realize at the time that I would be asked to “sell” students courses. “Put them into the courses no matter what”, “We need the enrollments to meet our goals”. That should have been the indicator right there. What really drove me off though was how things were run. Poor management is a key to low morale in any position and that location had very poor management. I’ve discussed before how I have suffered from a prior job with PTSD, well I started to feel the effects again recently with this position. I began applying for other jobs to get out of there as fast as I could but the market is not as strong as I wish it could or would be and it is hard. I was waiting it out and still doing my job- assisting students. But it was eating me up on the inside. Fortunately, I guess, they released me.  Unfortunately though that I have to list that as a termination on a job application.  But my peeps, it is what it is.  Let’s hope that I will find something, or someone will find me marketable still.

If anyone out there is looking for someone with higher education background, 15 years of it.  Please let me know.  I’m available.


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