Changing it up

I’m changing it up a little bit. I’ve added a new theme to my blog and hope that it worked. I was having a bit of trouble earlier with it and it seems to be holding for now but it could change again tomorrow, especially since it is a new month and all. Seeing that tomorrow is a new month, it will also be the end of No Madness March. Therefore along with the only good commentary that I have been posting I will likely vent again. Sorry folks there does come a time when you can only hold it in for so long. Anyhow, today it is a rain, blustery down out here in California and I am sipping my tea and changing things up. My blog, my paint colors in my bathroom and clearing out more junk that is unneeded and unwanted.  Spring cleaning is definitely top on the list.

I’ve already applied for a couple of positions today and as with the other hundreds that I have applied to I am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be that one position out there that is the right one. It has to be better than the last and hopefully will come along soon.

So to the last day of the month, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Stay dry and be safe.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection


Here is my submission for the challenge this week. When I see something I like I take a picture of it.  The colors were captivating and I just snapped away.  Love the deep orange and purples.

WPC: Reflections

Stop sitting around- go do something

Every day we learn something new. It’s a good thing. We don’t want to just sit around and do nothing. That would be a waste. We aren’t created to sit and do nothing. If we were we’d be a lump of sand or coal or anything other than who we are.

Today I woke early and headed out to the tennis courts for actual lessons. I have ventured out before with my son who plays but never ‘learned’ how to play. So this past month I decided to head down to the city parks and recreation department and sign up. Glad I did. There are only two of us in the month long class so we will get plenty of instruction. For the hour that I am out there each Sunday morning I will learn the skills needed to hold my own on a tennis court and be able to play with others without feeling like a dope.

Already after the lesson today, I feel a bit more confident than before and can’t wait to get out there with my son and show him my new found skills.

So my lesson for the day is to take a risk and learn something new. You never know unless you try. Kind of like running that half-marathon you never thought you’d be able to run but could. That’s how I look at it. All it takes is a little push in the right direction, a butt to move off the couch and a commitment to try something different.

It’s the best feeling around right now.

A sluggish run- blah!

Yesterday was a very sluggish day. There was no pop, no pep, no anything in my run. I may have been slightly dehydrated and that could have been the reason but everything just felt-blah!

I would say it is down as one of my slower runs and painful as my back aches today. Not my knee, thankfully, but my back.

Today I am drinking more fluids and definitely rehydrating. It just wasn’t pretty.

21 Bags for 44 items

I said it would be no madness March. I want to have a positive month, however, I feel that I should share a troubling experience at the base commissary.

Today I had to wait for the clerk to finish her conversation with the other checker, in their native tongue, to swipe my ID card so I could continue loading the conveyer with groceries. As I was the only one in the line, I shouldn’t have had to wait, I feel the clerk should have been ready and greeted me, the customer. However, she was too busy chatting away. Once she took my card, as with any other clerk I was waiting for her to ask me which type of bag as I forgot my reusable totes. Today the clerk, Beth, didn’t even bother to ask what type of bag. So I stated that I prefer paper. She snipped back that they didn’t have paper. She of course didn’t smile either because I must have interrupted her conversation. So as I wanted to continue on my POSITIVE day, I asked her, “How about a smile then?”

“I said we don’t have paper with a smile” she snipped back. I laughed and responded to this agitation by the clerk, “That isn’t what I meant.” “I said we have no paper. That all we have is plastic.” “Okay, but you could be a little nicer to the customers and with a little less attitude.” “I have no attitude!” Her voice got higher and she started to chuckle and flick her teeth at me.

Oh my…. I guess you can’t ask someone to smile. Or even, as a customer, to lose the attitude and be kind to the customer.

I thought about going and talking to the manager but just wanted to go home. I didn’t want my month ruined by someone who will likely have it all come around to them again. Hey will be nasty again and someone else will say something. When I got home, I noticed that ended up with 21 plastic bags of groceries. Twenty-one! Some with only one or two items in them.

My one item in a bag ( this to me is a waste)

Two items that were double bagged (no reason)

I looked up online where I could recycle all these bags and found the following information:
-take them back to your grocery store for recycling (the commissary doesn’t have that program)
-use as bathroom garbage liners (already have a ton for this purpose)
-use as pet ‘pick-up’ bags ( have a ton for this too)
-do not throw in recyclable toter. Garbage company won’t take them!

So I then looked at the commissary ‘Customer Bill of Rights’. The clerk was less that cordial today and I felt unwelcome. I didn’t like the treatment in the store. Know what the first Article of the Customer Bill of Rights is? professional, courteous service. Yeah go figure.

So to keep my March madness free, I am taking the plastic bags to another store to recycle and making sure that my totes are in the car for next time. As for the clerk, I will try and steer clear from Beth at the commissary. I’d rather not go down a line where they can’t smile, won’t talk to their customers and make you feel like you interrupted a discussion with another clerk that really isn’t more important. The customer comes first, the discussion can wait for your break. Besides it only takes 12 muscles to smile and a lifetime to correct your attitude.

Thoughts on a sunny day

It’s a gorgeous day here. 75 pushing 80 degrees, blue skies, birds singing and a slight breeze. Not too much to complain about right? Sounds fantastic. I’ve even accomplished tasks to enjoy the rest of my day so that I can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and head out to the store if need be. I just feel like there is something more I need to be doing. I often feel this way, as if there is something else that I need to get done. I can give 110% of myself and still feel like it isn’t enough.

Overachiever. Perfectionist. Maybe.

I have been told to scale back and take it easy, do the minimum and leave the rest for others. My questions, what if it doesn’t get done? Who will do it? Should I leave things?

I’m sure they are simple to answer but am I ready to release the reins a bit and let others do things? I think that is the biggest question of all.

My thoughts that I ponder over on this gorgeous sun filled day.

A disappointment turned positive

Today I ran. My goal was 6 miles but my Nike Sportband only clocked me at 5. I came home and found that I actually ran 5.3. Relieved but disappointed. I guess the sportband doesn’t like that some people have to walk and run. Yes, I need to. Three knee surgeries, screws in my knee and my foot, it is something that I just need to do to keep going. The plus side, the run felt amazing! Every little added mile to my runs helps me achieve a new outlook on a healthy mind and body.

I just wish Nike would do some adjustments to their products. 😞 oh well, success all around. I accomplished going beyond 5 miles and pushing to go further every time with new paths, new trails, new directions.