No madness in March

Negativity is the root of all evil.

I’ve been trying to keep things positive lately. Now that we are starting off with a new month it is even more important to start fresh. Lately everywhere I turn seems to be something or someone that is negative and it is a real downer. Why aren’t people more positive? Is it how we live? Are things that horrible?

There have been bright moments. My friend got a job and he’s been looking for months. I’ve had interviews ( and I’m hoping for more). It’s raining. Someone else is happier than ever with her life right now. I had another article published. Things do happen that are good we just tend to focus so much on the bad it is unfortunate.

This month, I am focusing on the good. No madness in March. Keep it positive.


3 thoughts on “No madness in March

  1. Great idea. A close friend of mine was going through a bit of a ‘down patch’ so to cheer her up I wrote a bunch of phrases/words/reasons to be happy/whatever on little bits of paper and put them in a jar which was then creatively named ‘Happy things’. Whenever she felt rubbish she would pick one out and read it. I think we should all have a happy jar – it’s too easy to forget the many little (good) things in our lives when one bad thing comes along.

    • You are right about forgetting at times the many little things in our lives. Your idea is great. If we just remind ourselves more often, or take that deep breath before thinking everything is falling to pieces, I believe we’d have more happy thoughts. This will be my march.

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