Approaching things differently

Out with the old and in with the new. Breath in and breath out.

As part of my no madness March, I am doing a bit of spring cleaning. It doesn’t just mean getting rid of the clutter around the house. It means dumping the negativity that accumulated as well along the way. See since I have been looking for a job it gets frustrating at times not having any results. Example, you reach out to your network and they don’t always respond. That’s a negative. So I am searching for a new approach. That’s my positive. Another example, I’ve talked about this before but there are friends who just aren’t worth your time or energy. In fact they don’t even see you on their radar or can’t even bother to pick up your phone call. That is a negative. Well, get rid of them. They are the baggage that is weighing you down. I’m doing that this month. Getting rid of the baggage and putting it to the curb for the collectors to pick up. It’s my positive.

I think that this will be a great start to my no madness March and a good way to stay positive. More to come in March…

Positive energy promotes a solid foundation for growth and change. -R.T.


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